The Birth of Tragedy

20 April 2022 Folk

"There is no pleasure left in life, and I really am surprised with how difficult living is..."
-- Friedrich Nietzsche, a letter to Erwin Rohde(1875)

The world goes around
and my life turns upside down
all the dreams are being torn
but I've got to stand strong

And I look at the mirror
can't recognize myself no more
the reflections in my eyes are getting blurred
I'm not the man I was before

I'm like a little boat
trying to conquer the ocean

Walking in the storm with my arms wide open
I'm gonna embrace all the pains
I'd rather die on my feet than live down on my knees
I've got to seize all the days

I've been in this godless land for too long
the holy words can't heal my wounds
all the poems are no longer profound
there's nothing left I can hold on to

"I discovered life anew, including myself...
I turned my will to health, to life,
into a philosophy: into the Will to Power"
-- Friedrich W. Nietzsche, Ecce Homo (1888)

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