Peterpunx [RIP]

Pink Veil, Yellow Jacket

01 July 2010 Punk Rock

Rainy afternoon, yeah, rain in my heart
I remember your face in my mind
when the first time I saw your face
yeah, you took my heart, then I knew we might never meet again

I curse myself, why I didn’t ask your name
or ask your phone number or something like that?
Why I didn’t start a little bit unimportant talks
in order that I could stay close with you?

I still remember how pretty you were that day
with that pink veil and the yellow jacket
I also remember how sweet your smile was
but I just sat there and waiting for nothing

Til I remembered, I couldn’t stay there anymore
I'd got to say goodbye, but you disappeared
well, I hope someday we’re gonna meet again
I just put this feeling here in my heart

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